Flying to the Ends of the Earth Previews

"stunning scenery, rarely covered communities and Williams’ passionate presence make for an engaging travelogue."

The Telegraph

"stunning aerial views, a landing at the worlds most dangerous airport, and a sensitive portrait of an ancient land in a hurry to join the 21st century. Well worth an hour of your time."

The Observer

HEFAT Training

In preparation for my time in Lahore, I've been sent on a very interesting and worthwhile HEFAT Training course.  From a relatively low-bar of knowledge, I am certainly more confident when it comes to First Aid, and doing all the things you might forget about in hostile environments...

Grierson Nomination for Tube History

One of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on, ‘The Tube: An Underground History’ for BBC 2 has just been shortlisted NOMINATED for the Grierson History Documentary award.  Will know in November whether we win or not.

Again, well done to James House (director), Justine Faram (production manger) and Alistair Pegg (exec).

Kipling's Indian Adventure

After a short delay, its been confirmed that the film I helped with last year in India and Pakistan is due for transmission on Saturday 20th February at 9.15pm on BBC 2. Its a good slot so hopefully it will be popular and well received!

Pick of the Week: Observer / Sunday Times

Pick of the Day: Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Mail, Express

"a suprising, alluring portrait"

The Observer

Flying Wild - the adventure of a lifetime

Just got back from filming in Nepal, Australia and Canada for a new series for Channel 4. Hung out with an amazing team in some of the most remote and inhospitable parts of the world, and I’m sure we’ve got some great stuff...this photo was to commemorate the final flight of the leg, and as you can see we were all mightily relieved to get back down to earth!

Oldest Family Business...previews

The Telegraph called it a “fascinating new series”, and its getting Pick of the Day for the Radio Times, TV Times, Mail, and hopefully many more.  It also got 700,000 viewers which, for BBC 4, is pretty damn good. Looking forward to next week now for Toye&Co!

Grierson Audience Award Win

‘The Secret History of Our Streets’ already won an RTS for Best Historical Series, and has just added the new Audience Award to the collection.

It feels like such a long time ago now, but is lovely to still be getting commendations.  Well done team ‘Streets’.

India Memories

Caught up with an old friend, Tadg O’Keeffe, with whom I went to India with to make a documentary about Kathakali way back in 2005.  We had an amazing time, and it was a pretty formative experience for me personally. 

This is at a temple in Kerala, and we’re filming a festival with fireworks...Indian style!  Watch to the end!

Country Experience

I have either filmed in, or set up filming in the following:

India (5x),Pakistan, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, The Philippines, Cambodia, Japan, USA x3 (including Alaska), South Africa, Sudan, Northern Canada, Australia, Papua (Indonesia), Jordan, China, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

The first and second episode got an identical audience of 3.7 million, 18% audience share. Certainly the most popular thing I've ever been a part of...

Twitter seemed very complimentary too. Well done to an amazingly nice and talented group of individuals who helped film over 7 months at the airport.

Flatpack Empire - Previews

Nice article in Broadcast about how I spent 2017. Click the picture to see the full piece.

We've got pick of the day in most listings and the Independent, Guardian, The Times and Sunday Times.

"Flatpack Empire offers an intimate glimpse into IKEA's operation"

Financial Times - 5 stars

"Intriguing viewing"

TV Times

"Object lesson in how to make an observational documentary interesting, with great storylines and it felt real"

The Unmissables Podcast

"Flatpak Empire is a long way from a puff piece for those who read between the lines"

The Times -  Critics Choice

Flatpack Empire - TX

All done and dusted for the BBC 2 series exploring the world of IKEA, ratings were good, 2.5 million consolidated for the first episode.

Thank you to an amazing team who made the series! It was a tough one, but it's looking pretty good!

The Five Billion Pound Super Sewer

After three years, this epic series is delivered, and everyone seems pretty happy with the results.

We're pick of the day in the Independent, Radio Times, Telegraph, and a lovely review in the Guardian that called the first episode 'excellent'.

It starts on Tuesday 17th July at 9pm on BBC 2 - hope you can watch, although we are up against something called 'Love Island'?

It's been fascinating to work on something over such a long period, takes real dedication and organisation, but fortunately we've had an amazing team, Adam Hopkins (SD), Clara Thomas (PM) and everyone else whose worked on it.

Biggest thanks goes to super-producer Carla Grande, who is one to watch!


series producer

Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State Getting some good reviews and press for the BBC 2 series that  I worked on last year.

I was invited on to Radio 4 to have a chat about how we got access to the Department for Work and Pensions, and the challenges of making the series.

See the link to the left for a brief 6 mins, apologies for my "umming", not a natural broadcaster...

Huge thanks to a very dedicated and passionate team!