I am an experienced series and edit producer based in London.

I make distinct and compelling series for the main broadcasters, across a broad range of formats, from award-winning history programmes, presenter-led films, drama-doc, specialist-factual rig and observational series.

I have a proven track record of making new and challenging series, from development to delivery.

I have secured tricky access and built relationships with large institutions and organisations, from IKEA to the Department for Work and Pensions.

I am editorially strong, directed on location, and cut full programmes. I work hard to find outstanding contributors, and tenaciously sniff out the weird and wonderful nuances of life.

I am experienced in strategically managing challenging and complex productions, building and managing teams, budgets and scheduling, and supporting complex compliance through post-production.

I have worked around the world, including in Hostile Environment and high-risk areas.

I enjoy self-shooting, and have shot about seven hours of broadcast television.